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Business Coach & Marketing Strategist

My purpose, passion and "What They Say"

My mission is to empower you to unleash your full potential ...
Together, we'll pinpoint opportunities for growth, crafting a tailor-made
roadmap that harmonizes with your distinctive dreams and ambitions ...

Whether it's driving more revenue, capturing quality leads, scaling to new
heights, or carving out a dominant brand presence, I'm dedicated to guiding
you every step of the way. And rest assured that my aim is not to sell you
Marketing gimmicks, tricks, or "shiny objects", but to offer you the guidance
and backing you crave ...

Your Vision, My Guidance ... Let's Co-Create Success!

Hello and Welcome to my About Me Page

I help Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals, who find themselves struggling, stuck, or not growing as fast as they would like to, understand why that is happening to them ... And instead of "selling" them a Marketing or Advertising "tactic"
or two, I reveal the power of Strategic Marketing, and show them how to build the business of their dreams ...

Your Marketing will work better ... You'll learn to create "Competition Crushing" Marketing ... You'll begin to comprehend the possibilities for YOUR business ... You'll hold an unfair advantage over competitors when implemented ...

If you're ready to take your business to a higher level of success, I invite you to reach out and schedule a Strategy Session or Consultation. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey towards achieving your goals and realizing your vision and potential. I look forward to being a catalyst for your success!

... Here's What They Say ...

Kal Amer, eComPros ... “Dave Smith is
an expert in Marketing techniques and
how to grow a business.”

Sean West, IWest Internet ... “Sharp guy.
Takes a few minutes to go over things and
discuss viewpoints.”

The Talley Notary ... “He’s great at
what he does and responds quickly.”

Gloria Bravo, Trinity Insurance ... “Dave @ IMJustice Marketing provides well rounded services that will boost your business endeavors. It is my pleasure to recommend Dave to increase your visibility & income.”

Rushauna Beckles, Served With Creativity

“Dave is a very genuine and kind individual. He knows his stuff when it comes to Marketing and business. He’s an absolute wealth of information!”

Steve Coffman, Mortgage Professional
& Business Owner ... “Dave is a very experienced and talented Marketing Specialist. I have used his Services
and was happy with his results. “

James Schwartz, Cascade High Organics ...
"Dave is an honest straight shooter who tells it like it
is and helps you find out what drives people to your
brand or business."

Ernest Roberts (The Voice), Alobha Technologies
Yes, I recently attended IMJ Marketing Event. I found
him to be very experienced in this field So yes, highly
recommend his company services..."

Jim Hale, GetGeoFencing.com ... “Dave is a Marketers Marketer. Dave understands that before you get to the tactics of Marketing, a business needs to have an understanding of where they are now and a strategy to go from point A to B. Only then do you select the tactics of Marketing to execute the strategy. Dave has a truly consultative and partnering approach with his clients that reflects intellect and vast experience ... Connect with Dave.”

Todd Miller, J. Galt ... “Dave is not your normal Marketing/Business Coach. He is truly trying to help Business Owners take their company to the next level with outside the box thinking and experience. I highly recommend you meet with him to see for yourself how he can help you and your company!”

And I'm proud to say, I have earned dozens more

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