Strategic Marketing Success

... Unlock The Tremendous Potential That Lies Within Your Business ...

Strategies that get them to:
Contact you
Buy from you
Buy More Often and Stay Loyal
Pay More for Your Services
Maximize the % of What You Keep

... You'll never look at Marketing your business the same way ever again ...

... Strategic Marketing is THE ONLY way to build your dream business ...

Without strategy, we risk walking or moving at a slow,
relaxed pace, uncertain and confused if we are making
progress towards what we want ... Without tactics, we
endure wishful thinking, or chronic dissatisfaction ...

... BOTH need to be addressed ...

They work together, hand in hand, and are typically not
discussed, or a part of any typical Agency sales menu.
The unsuspecting Business Owner has no idea, thinks it
is what it is, and it's about as good as it's going to get ...

I'm here to tell you, nothing is further from that truth!

Do you want someone to sell you a Marketing or Advertising "tactic" or two? Or do you want to learn Strategic Marketing, and build the business you have always dreamed of having?

The Importance Of Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing helps Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals
who find themselves struggling, stuck, or not growing their business like they would
like to, understand why that is happening to them, so they can turn that around ...

Strategic Marketing helps those who are fed up with constantly competing on price,
lackluster sales, inadequate revenue ... and Marketing or Advertising that's not only
expensive, but doesn't really generate any meaningful number of quality or qualified
leads for their business ...

My Mission Statement

Transforming businesses and lives by revealing the
Marketing Strategies never discussed, taught, or sold …

My Value Statement

World-Class tested and proven strategies & tactics from the

top Business Minds and Marketing Experts on the planet …

My Vision Statement

I will help you unlock the tremendous potential that lies within your
business, and build the business you have always dreamed of having …

Expanding On Those Statements

Compelling and successful Marketing can provide you with the financial freedom to pursue your real, true ambitions in life. I believe that everybody has a "cause" that can be more fully pursued and supported when they’re financially independent. I help Small Business Owners to reach that goal. I have tools, skills, training, resources and support to help you accomplish the business and life you have always dreamed of ... With your open mind and investment, I'll show you how effective Marketing can really be for you …

I help the Small Business Owner create a mindset, that once they know these strategies and tactics that produce big league results, they will have a much more relaxed attitude and also temperament to not wonder if they should read that next email, take that next sales call, or even schedule that next appointment with the Marketing or Advertising Agency who can offer ONLY what is on their menu ... With this mindset and piece of mind established, the Small Business Owner can devote full attention to their work and customers. And with this new performance and growth, receive the satisfaction and joy in which they deserve …

I teach Marketing for your business … to a point where it becomes obvious to your prospects that they would be foolish to do business with anyone other than you … at anytime, anywhere, or at any price.

Want some transparency & proof of transforming your business?

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Marketing Strategy with Dave Smith and IMJustice Marketing

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