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What Are You Missing Out On?

July 09, 20233 min read

… What Are You Missing Out On …

What Are They Not Telling Or Showing You

Learn from your own Business Coach, and grow the business
you have always wanted to have … Through Strategy!

This was a business I helped, by the numbers

What are the business and life transforming strategies they are not telling you about

How can you generate increases in both revenue and profits … and without being misled or following anymore advice from Salespeople who push ONLY their specialty, or what their Agency has on their menu with Marketing or Advertising?

The key is to understand the power of exponential growth. If you take a penny and double it every day for 30 days, you’ll be more than a millionaire … you’ll have $5,368,709! That’s the incredible power of exponential growth. I call it the RIGHT Business Growth Guidance, and it’s what you’re about to experience ... (If you want to) …

Success is achieved through small, incremental changes in multiple areas of your business. Below are 12 areas that are tested and proven to generate increases in both revenue and profits …

With your company’s revenue, gross, and net profit margins, I can see the results if you impact each area by 1% up to 10% ... And, a lot of times, the increases are far greater …

So, based on $500,000 gross revenue, a 50% gross profit margin, and a 10% net profit margin, these are the kinds of incremental increases I’m talking about:

Remember, this is only a 1.4% increase in them

1.     Strategy 1  …  $6300

2.     Strategy 2  …  $3500

3.     Strategy 3  …  $3549

4.     Strategy 4  …  $7197

5.     Strategy 5  …  $3649

6.     Strategy 6  …  $3700                                $51,210 in additional profit

7.     Strategy 7  …  $3752                                 and that’s a 102% increase

8.     Strategy 8  …  $3804

9.     Strategy 9  …  $3858

10.  Strategy 10  …  $3912

11.  Strategy 11  …  $3967

12.  Strategy 12  …  $4022

Current Revenue … $500,000 ------------------------ Current Profit … $50,000

Expected Increase in Revenue … $82,623 ------- New Annual Profit … $101,210

New Annual Gross Revenue … $582,623 --------- 5-Year Impact … $256,050

BUT, if that’s not good enough, there are 40 more strategies, and just take a look at some of the numbers:

Each can bring between $4,078 extra, up to $5,936 extra … If all of them are implemented, that adds up to an additional $189,849 / 349% +


Current Revenue … $500,000 ---------------------------  Current Profit … $50,000

Expected Increase in Revenue … $273,030 --------  New Annual Profit … $239,849

New Annual Gross Revenue … $773,030 --------------  5-Year Impact … $949,245

I recommend you shouldn't work with any Coach, Consultant, or Advisor that doesn't guarantee you a positive Return On Investment (ROI) …

A "positive ROI" simply means that you make more money than you invested. Why would you consider anything less?

It makes no sense to spend more money to obtain a certain result than you earn. That's called a "negative ROI" ... and is a drain on your profitability ...

But this is also a 2-way street. Here’s your responsibility. You must implement to the level that we mutually agree upon. I may have winning strategies that could double or even triple your business, but it’s worthless if you fail to properly implement it ... I will give you strategies that are proven and time tested … Implement them consistently and you'll experience true business growth ...

Does this look like something that YOU could enjoy for YOUR business?

Dave Smith, Business Coach at IMJustice Marketing

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Dave Smith

I help Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals, who find themselves struggling, stuck, or not growing as fast as they would like to, understand why that is happening to them … I help those who are fed up with constantly competing on price, lackluster sales, inadequate revenue … and Marketing or Advertising that’s not only expensive, but doesn’t really generate any meaningful number of quality or qualified leads for their business … And then I help them turn that situation around for good …

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